God Amon

God of air and fecondity.Amon is represented in the forme of humain being,
seated holding a sceptre and Ankh or standing with ahead of sun disc with
two feathers of

Abu Simbel

Site of Egyptian Nubia which houses two cave temples of Ramses II..the large temple is dedicated to the gods Amun-Re and Re-Horakhty and Ramses II
The small temple is dedicated


Extraordinary archaeological site in Upper Egypt, opposite the town of Qena. 60 kilometers north of Luxor the famous temple of the goddess Hathor, goddess of joy with a cow’s head

The Nile

In reality, the Nile or rather the Niles have several sources.
In 1615, the Portuguese Pedro Poez had discovered in the highlands of Abyssinia the lake where the Blue Nile