Necropolis of Thebth

July 4, 2022

On the left side of the Nile, the immense funerary complex, about four hundred tombs discovered until now and gigantic and majestic funerary temples constitutes the necropolis of Thebes. It is certainly one of the places where one makes the most intimate contact with a great Egyptian civilization, in this case that of New Kingdom Egypt. Our cemeteries will only bring empty tombs. On the other hand, the Egyptians, thanks to their religious beliefs, their colorful and complex concepts of life after death. According to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians that the soul of the dead, once judged before the court of Osiris, pursued a happy life like the one he had dreamed of.. this vision according to which the deceased continued to return and come and feed in his grave.

The momification has been made so that the body of the deceased is preserved in good condition. Like the most famous mummy of Ramses II. they brought together all the resources of the art so that the spirit of the dead survived in its entirety. So.sculpture and inscriptions of Egyptian deities and buried figures have come down to us: kings and kidneys, seated side by side, where standing, their children at their feet, is one of the most common themes..the objects of their daily life (crowns, dresses, sandals, jewelry, furniture, walking sticks, etc.). despite all the tomb robbers who destroyed many buried treasures. little pharaoh..this is the only tomb in the valley of the kings that was not plundered, hardly allow us to imagine the riches of the great pharaohs, from a Thutmose III, who gave Egypt its empire , an Amenophis III, a Ramses II……
Also in the tombs of the Nobles which preserved for us all the scenes of daily life.

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