Aswan Day Tour of Marvels

1 Day
  • Philae Temple - Aswan Day Tour
  • Philae Temple – Aswan Day Tour
  • Unfinished Obelisk – Aswan Day Tour
  • Aswan high dam – Aswan Day Tour

In Aswan day tour, where ancient whispers mingle with the Nile’s gentle murmur, beckons you on an unforgettable journey. This enthralling day tour blends awe-inspiring marvels with modern engineering feats, transporting you through time. Immerse yourself in the High Dam’s grandeur, marvel at the meticulously relocated Philae Temple, and uncover the Unfinished Obelisk’s secrets alongside expert guides. Prepare to be captivated by the rich tapestry of history, breathtaking landscapes, and cultural insights awaiting you.

philae temple,high dam and unfinished obeliks

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Witnessing Modern Grandeur: The High Dam

Our energetic guide greets you, brimming with enthusiasm to unveil Aswan’s treasures. As we journey, vibrant streets buzz with local life, offering glimpses into Egyptian culture. Brace yourself! Arrive at the colossal High Dam, a testament to human ingenuity. Towering over 111 meters, this behemoth controls the Nile’s flow, preventing floods and generating electricity for millions. Imagine the vast Lake Nasser stretching behind it, a testament to its immense scale. Learn about the intricate construction process, marveling at the sheer power harnessed by this engineering marvel.

Stepping into Sacred Halls: Philae Temple’s Enthrallment

Step onto the tranquil shores of Agilkia Island, home to the relocated Philae Temple. Traverse the sun-drenched courtyard, captivated by intricate hieroglyphics adorning the sandstone walls. Marvel at the majestic Temple of Isis, dedicated to the powerful goddess of love and magic. Imagine the ancient rituals performed within these sacred halls, echoing through the centuries. Wander through the Temple of Hathor, goddess of joy and love, known for its beautifully preserved colonnades and captivating reliefs. Uncover the fascinating stories etched in stone, whispering tales of pharaohs and deities.

The Unfinished Obelisk: Whispers of Ancient Ingenuity

As we set sail back, the desert landscape unfolds once more, offering a sense of timeless tranquility. Be on the lookout for traditional feluccas gliding gracefully across the Nile. Prepare to be intrigued by the enigmatic Unfinished Obelisk, a colossal granite monolith resting within the ancient quarries. Imagine the skilled artisans who meticulously carved this giant pillar, only to be abandoned due to a natural crack. This unfinished masterpiece offers a glimpse into the remarkable techniques and challenges faced by ancient Egyptians. Delve deeper into the history of the quarries, learning about the fascinating process of extracting, shaping, and transporting massive granite blocks used in temples and monuments across Egypt.

Returning with Memories Etched in Stone

As the golden hues of the setting sun paint the sky, we embark on our return journey to your hotel. Reflect on the remarkable sights and insights gained throughout the day, the grandeur of ancient temples juxtaposed with the power of modern engineering. Carry a piece of this ancient land within you, forever touched by the magic of this captivating day tour.

4 reviews for Aswan Day Tour of Marvels

  1. Dr Engy Hanna

    I highly recommend Egyptologist. They provide amazing well- organised tours with reasonable prices. The tourist guide Nermin Melad is really distinguished knowledgable and friendly guide. You will absolutely love the historical and cultural information she gives. She is super friendly, helpful and extremely considerate. Nermin is keen to offer recommendations of other things to do and places to eat. By the end of your tour, you receive a perfect mix of enjoyable historical stories and cultural experience. Your time and money is well invested. Highly recommended!

  2. Sebastian

    This trip is an amazing experience. Felt very safe traveling with the tour group and was able to see all the incredible sites that I had dreamed of seeing since I was young. Would highly recommend choosing this trip.Nermen our tour leader was amazing. Egyptologist with endless knowledge she has a great personality , very friendly and care about all the details.
    Highly recommend it to family and friends to use .

  3. Muriel

    Que dire de plus que c’était une excellente journée ! J’ai adorée ce site qui est redevenu le temps des explications de George vivant. Je me suis senti projetté dans l’ancien temps. Merci beaucoup 🤗

  4. Muriel

    Génial !!! Avec toujours des étoiles 🤩 plein les yeux. Merci pour ton professionnalisme George. A BIENTÔT

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